Every sector comes into contact with digital accessibility in its own way. Many people think of disabilities as people who are blind, deaf or immobile, but they are also people with dyslexia, people who are colour-blind or people with a cognitive disability. These people face daily barriers that prevent them from participating in society in an equal way.


The government is there for everyone. All citizens should have access to your services and products. Read more about digital products for the government sector here.

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Banks & Insurers

As a bank or insurer, you have the entire palette of people as your customer. And you may already have a great digital product. But how accessible is that product really?

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Good healthcare means being there for everyone. Your employees are already doing that, but does the same apply to your website or app?

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Arts, Culture & Non-profit

Digital accessibility is very current in the cultural sector. Think about buying online tickets or reading about exhibitions.

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