Wat betekent digitale toegankelijkheid in de Zorg?

It is important for healthcare institutions and hospitals to have knowledge of digital accessibility, since they often serve a broad target group. In addition, this target group often suffers from a specific disability.

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Why digital accessibility in health care?

It is important for health care institutions and hospitals to have knowledge about digital accessibility, because they often serve a broad target group. Besides, this target group often has to deal with a certain limitation.

Essential information about patient care is often communicated digitally, and the digitisation of healthcare is still in its infancy. It is expected to grow explosively in the coming years. As a healthcare institution or hospital, a basic knowledge in the field of digital accessibility is therefore essential.

Communication departments, marketing departments and IT departments often lack basic knowledge of digital accessibility. As a result, little or no consideration is given to them when developing new features or products.

A basic understanding of digital accessibility is therefore necessary within your team. With our method and card game “Thinking in Limitations” you can find out at the start of each sprint where your focus should be on digital accessibility.

Accessibility means a better experience for everyone

The great thing about making accessible websites, is that it ultimately delivers a better experience for all your users. Because even for people without disabilities, it’s nice when a website is clear and works well. Research has also shown that websites that score well on accessibility reach a larger audience, rank higher in Google and are more user friendly than websites that score low on accessibility.

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What we do

We want to make a sustainable contribution to the digital accessibility of digital products. This means not only carrying out accessibility studies based on the WCAG-EM, but also, for example, providing awareness training.


Do you want an audit based on the WCAG-EM method? We are an accredited inspection body.

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Our team of developers will help you develop a website or app that is accessible to everyone.