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Web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG). These guidelines are almost as old as the internet itself is. Unfortunately, the guidelines themselves are not accessible and reasonably complex. To support developers in making digital projects accessible, digital has the web guidelines of the WCAG explained in well-arranged language.

Another way in which digital is committed to an accessible internet, can be tested by the websites and apps of companies, municipalities and organizations by people with different limitations. After all, it is difficult for developers and online marketers to empathize with the needs and obstacles of users with a disability.

In practice, decisions in the field of accessibility are therefore also made on the basis of assumptions, not on evidence from practice. In order to actually develop an accessible app or website, having the target group tested is essential.

Experts vs experience experts

The specialists of digital are happy to offer advice in the field of accessible development . Nevertheless, findings are made during a test session that cannot be made by our specialists. To be able to actually test an app or website for accessibility, it is therefore important to engage the target group.

Compile a test group accessibility

The compilation of a relevant test group and performing the test itself requires a network, knowledge and experience in this area. Digitally accessible ensures that these steps are completed correctly. Exactly how this happens is described in the following steps.

1. Requesting the test group

The first step is to request a test session and test group. In this step we look at the desired composition of the test group. Examples of participants of a test group are people with a visual impairment or auditory disability. Subsequently, specific questions are asked about the limitations. For example, there are specific options per limitation, such as “low literacy”, “dyslexia” and “analfabetism” in “language restriction”. By putting together the group in the right way, it becomes clear how accessible the website or app is actually.

2. Intake & amp; quotation

When it is clear at Digital what kind of test group is desired, we can schedule an intake. Other information will be discussed during this interview. On the basis of the intake, a quotation is drawn up for the test session.

3. Compiling test group

After approval of the quotation, we can get started with compiling a test group full of relevant testers. If the group is formed, the session can be scheduled.

4. Schedule test session

Schedule the test session depends on the composition of the group (s). To take into account certain restrictions of the testers, it may be necessary to schedule different test moments with different testers. The advantage of this is that smaller groups or individual testers can give in-depth feedback than large groups.

5. Testing & amp; Reporting

The test session can start after preparations. The sessions are cared for and accompanied on the planned data. After all tests, a report will be drawn up by us with the results of the test session.

Make the website or app digitally accessible

The results of the test sessions give the right input to make a website or app digitally accessible. To achieve this, there are two follow-up options. The first possibility is to apply the advice that digitally writes, based on the guidelines of the WCAG and the results of the test sessions. Subsequently, developers within their own organization or company can ensure that the product becomes accessible.

Another option is to have our specialists carry out the advisory report. These developers can now dream the web guidelines of the WCAG. In addition to putting the advisory report into practice, these specialists can also review the current method to see where structural improvements can be applied.

Schedule a test session

Do you want a website or app that meets the Guidelines on Digital Accessibility for the Deadline set by the government? Our team is happy to help with this process. Contact us for more information.

Vincent van Brakel

Vincent van Brakel researches the accessibility of websites and apps for Digitaal Toegankelijk. Vincent also writes about everything that has to do with digital accessibility and shares practical tips on