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A publication of the NOS shows that the organization of the Eurovision Song Contest of 2020 takes accessibility very seriously. In addition to the support given through TV for people with an auditory and visual impairment, the organisation provides additional support during the physical event in Rotterdam.

Signdancers for the deaf and hard of hearing

Main producer Sietse Bakker told the NOS that screens are placed where the evening will be subtitled live. In addition, the organization will use signdancers, which will also be shown on the scenes in the room. These dancing signs interpreters ensure that the deaf and the hearing impaired also get the message and atmosphere of the European singers.

The reactions on social media indicate that there is actually a need for this type of support. On YouTube there is praise for the signdancers. People indicate that they can finally also enjoy the music and the atmosphere.

Organizational challenge

For the organization it goes beyond just a few screens in the room. For example, the screens in the room should not come into the picture for viewers who follow the broadcast via the TV. The brightness of the screens must also be taken into account, so that they do not disturb the visitors who visit the Eurovision Song Contest.

In addition, the organization takes visitors into account with a sensitive disability, such as autism. We looked at whether a space can be set up where people who experience too many stimuli can withdraw.

Vincent van Brakel

Vincent van Brakel researches the accessibility of websites and apps for Digitaal Toegankelijk. Vincent also writes about everything that has to do with digital accessibility and shares practical tips on