Our Story

We are committed to a digital world that everyone can access. We work towards this goal by sharing our knowledge, providing targeted advice and helping companies and organisations with accessibility surveys based on the WCAG-EM standard.

Our focus is on creating awareness, through accessibility audits for websites and apps, training in digital accessibility and developing digitally accessible products.

In recent years, we have also used this approach when conducting WCAG-EM surveys for, amongst others, the municipality of Amsterdam, municipality of Rotterdam, municipality of Arnhem, Historisch Centrum Overijssel, GGD Amsterdam and GGD Regio Utrecht.

Digitaal Toegankelijk is an initiative of Utrecht-based entrepreneurs Sebastiaan Kooijman and Robert Keus of internet agency Brthrs Agency. By the Dutch Digital Accessibility Index (DDAI), Digitaal Toegankelijk is accredited as a research and training agency on digital accessibility and the WCAG.

The importance of digital accessibility

Over two billion people worldwide have some form of a disability. Many people think of a disability mainly as people who are blind, deaf or immobile, but they are also people with dyslexia, people who are colour-blind or people with a cognitive impairment. These people encounter barriers on a daily basis that prevent them from participating in society on an equal footing. Also online. That is why raising awareness around digital accessibility and contributing to making the digital world more accessible is important.