Set up a digital accessibility test group

App or website testing by people with disabilities (e.g. Deaf or Blind testers)

Developing an app, website or other digital product that meets accessibility criteria is often partly a process of assumptions. The result is that certain target groups are unable to use your product to its full potential. Testing your product by people with disabilities is therefore essential.

We ensure that you can have your digital product tested by people with disabilities.

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Real experiences

Not the regulations, but the experience of different end users put central.

Diversity of testers

Choose from a large and diverse range of testers to build your ideal test group.

Test sessions

We plan several test moments with different testers.


We issue a report with the results of the test session.

Insight in the audience

Test sessions often provide not only an insight into accessibility, but also other views of the target group.

Accessible online products

We work on digital products that are proven to be accessible to all users.

Developing for - and with - the target group

Our accessibility methodology is based on the WCAG guidelines. However, we always look at the target group of the product first and involve them in the accessibility analysis.

Our method ensures that your new or existing digital product is accessible to all members of your target group. You can also use our method to review your current product.

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What we do

We want to make a sustainable contribution to the digital accessibility of digital products. This means not only carrying out accessibility studies based on the WCAG-EM, but also, for example, providing awareness training.


Do you want an audit based on the WCAG-EM method? We are an accredited inspection body.

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Our team of developers will help you develop a website or app that is accessible to everyone.