AI Accessibility Toolkit

Unleash digital accessibility with our AI Toolkit – simplifying text, generating alternatives, summarizing content, and enabling self-assessment and reporting for all.

Accessibility Alternative Text Creator

The Accessibility Alternative Text Creator is a user-friendly tool that assists content creators in crafting descriptive alternative text for images, videos, graphs, tables and infographics.

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Accessibility Text Checker

The Accessibility Text Checker is a valuable tool that aids content creators in ensuring their text elements meet accessibility standards, guaranteeing a more inclusive online environment for all users.

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Accessibility Statement Generator

The Accessibility Statement Generator is a helpful tool that assists website owners in creating detailed accessibility statements, demonstrating their commitment to inclusivity and ensuring a welcoming digital environment for all user.

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WCAG 2.1 AA Code Validator

The WCAG 2.1 AA Code Validator is a powerful tool that automates the process of checking website code against accessibility standards, helping developers ensure their digital platforms are accessible and inclusive to all users.

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AI WCAG 2.1AA Self-assessment and reporting (extended)

Gain valuable insights into your digital content’s accessibility and pave the way to a more inclusive online experience for all users. Plus, upon successful completion, receive a certification to showcase your commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.

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AI Accessibility Self-Assessment (QuickScan)

Our Accessibility QuickScan is a user-friendly self-assessment tool designed to help you gauge your website’s accessibility level through a quick and effective evaluation. Answer 10 essential questions and gain valuable insights to ensure your digital platform is inclusive and accessible to all users.

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Read Easy for Chrome

With just a click, Read instantly simplifies and enhances the readability of text on any website. Designed to support people with low literacy skills, our plugin ensures that everyone can easily comprehend and engage with online content.

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Read Easy for Editors

Our Word and Outlook add-ins are powerful tools designed to enhance your writing experience by optimizing readability and inclusivity. They seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Word and Outlook, providing real-time feedback and suggestions for improved communication with diverse audiences.

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WCAG 2.1 AA Explainer

This AI-powered tool allows users to choose specific WCAG 2.1AA criteria, providing clear testing instructions and explanations, fostering web accessibility for all users.

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