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Accessibility Desk is an accredited research and training agency about digital accessibility and the WCAG. We are committed to a digital world that is accessible to all. We do this by sharing our knowledge, giving specific advice, and helping organisations with accessibility studies (audits) based on the WCAG-EM standard.

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Accessibility audits for websites and apps

We help you with accessibility audits for websites and apps. Our audits are based on the WCAG-EM standard and are considered official accessibility tests. We are accredited by the DDAI (Dutch Digital Accessibility Index).

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About our services

We want to make a sustainable contribution to the accessibility of digital products. This approach does not only include conducting accessibility studies based on the WCAG-EM, but also, among others, providing awareness training.


Do you want an audit based on the WCAG-EM method? We are an accredited inspection organisation.

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Our team of developers will help you develop a website or app that is accessible to everyone.


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Every sector has to deal with digital accessibility. Many people think of disabilities as people who are blind, deaf or immobile, but they are also people with dyslexia, people who are colour-blind or people with a cognitive disability. These people face daily barriers that prevent them from participating in society in an equal way.


The government is there for everyone. All citizens should have access to all services and products. Read more about digital products for the government sector here.

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Banks & Insurance

As a bank or insurer, you have the whole spectrum of people as customers. And you may already have a great digital product. But how accessible is that product?

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Good healthcare means being there for everyone. Your employees are already doing that, but does the same apply to the website or app?

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Art, Culture & Non-Profit

For museums, foundations and non-profit organisations, it is important to have knowledge of digital accessibility.

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No idea where to start?

We would like to help you find your way in the world of digital accessibility!

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