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We are excited to announce the release of our AI Accessibility Toolkit, a suite of powerful and user-friendly tools designed to enhance and facilitate the creation of accessible and inclusive digital content. These tools leverage the latest advancements in AI technology to make the digital space more welcoming and usable for everyone, regardless of their abilities or disabilities.

Accessibility Alternative Text Creator

Our first offering, the Accessibility Alternative Text Creator, is an essential tool for content creators. This tool makes it easy to craft descriptive alternative text for images, videos, graphs, tables, and infographics. By generating effective alternative text, you’ll ensure that all users, including those with visual impairments, can understand and appreciate your content. Learn about the Accessibility Alternative Text Creator here.

Accessibility Text Checker

Next, our Accessibility Text Checker ensures that your text elements meet the necessary accessibility standards. With this tool, you can easily enhance the readability and inclusivity of your digital content, guaranteeing a more welcoming environment for all users. Explore the accessibility Text Checker here.

Accessibility Statement Generator

Our Accessibility Statement Generator is a powerful tool that assists in creating detailed accessibility statements. Use it to demonstrate your commitment to inclusivity and create a welcoming digital environment. Check the Accessibility Statement Generator here.

AI WCAG 2.1 AA Code Validator

Our AI WCAG 2.1 AA Code Validator simplifies and accelerates the process of checking website code against accessibility standards. By utilizing this tool, developers can ensure that their digital platforms are fully accessible and inclusive. Learn more about the AI WCAG 2.1 AA Code Validator here.

AI WCAG 2.1AA Self-Assessment and Reporting (extended)

With our AI WCAG 2.1AA Self-Assessment and Reporting tool, you can gain valuable insights into your digital content’s accessibility. Upon successful completion, receive a certification to showcase your commitment to accessibility and inclusivity. Start your assessment here.

AI Accessibility Self-Assessment (QuickScan)

The Accessibility QuickScan is a quick, user-friendly self-assessment tool designed to help you evaluate your website’s accessibility level. It offers immediate feedback, allowing for prompt adjustments and improvements. Start your QuickScan here.

Read Easy for Chrome and Editors

Read Easy is an innovative AI tool available for both Chrome and Editors. With a single click, it instantly simplifies and enhances the readability of text on any website or written document. Read Easy makes online content more accessible to people with diverse reading abilities. Get Read Easy for Chrome and Read Easy for Editors here.

WCAG 2.1 AA Explainer

Finally, our AI-powered WCAG 2.1 AA Explainer tool demystifies the WCAG 2.1AA criteria by providing clear testing instructions and explanations. This tool is designed to educate users about web accessibility, fostering an inclusive digital environment. Learn more about the WCAG 2.1 AA Explainer here.

Inclusivity is at the core of our mission. We believe that everyone should have equal access to digital content, and with our AI Accessibility Toolkit, we are making this goal a reality. Embrace accessibility and inclusivity with us and enhance your digital content today.