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I think Podcasts are an ideal way to learn more about a subject in an accessible way. Fortunately, interesting podcasts are made about almost every subject. Such as multiple educational podcasts on digital accessibility, both in Dutch and in English.

On this page, you will find a selection of podcasts that are related to digital accessibility. In the podcasts, you get an explanation of complex success criteria, a deepening of the history of the concept, and many interesting insights.

1. Gebruiker Centraal

The first podcast from this list is immediately one of our personal favorites. It is unfortunately only available in Dutch. The podcast Gebruiker Centraal is produced from the organisation with the same name. The organisation user centrally strives for better government services for everyone. That striving is therefore central.

Various experts from various organizations and branches speak in the podcasts. One topic is discussed per episode. Every organization that wants to be an online more inclusive can apply these topics.

Listen to the episodes via the Gebruiker Centraal’s website or via your favorite platform for podcasts. On the website you will find a written out by transcript of the episodes.

Screenshot of the podcast Gebruiker Centraal2. Digital Accessibility Experts

For the second podcast we travel to the United Kingdom, where Jonathan Hassell produces the Podcast Digital Accessibility Experts. The purpose of this podcast is to inform listeners about various topics related to digital accessibility and including designs.

In the first episode, various accessibility experts think back to how they are involved in the accessible field. Listen to the episode ‘ What I Wish I’d Known When I Got Into Accessibility ‘, or read the transcript via Jonathan’s website or your favorite podcast software.

Screenshot of the podcast 3. Toegankelijk Zwolle

During the Week of Accessibility 2020, the representative group Toegankelijk Zwolle produced nine podcasts about accessibility. Unfortunately, the pocasts are only available in Dutch. The podcast is divided into two types of episodes. On the one hand, experiential experts are talking about their experience with accessibility. These guests tell, among other things, about different technologies that make their lives easier every day. In total, five people in five episodes tell about their experiences.

In the other four episodes, employees of the municipality of Zwolle explain how they apply the UN Convention Handicap in their daily work. The podcast can only be listened to (unfortunately!) Only via SoundCloud on the website of

Screenshot from the website of Toegankelijk Zwolle4. AccessAbility Works Podcast

Screenshot from the podcast Accessability works podcastAnother podcast that shows the user’s side is AccessAbility Works podcast from My Blind Spot, Inc. In this podcast, experience experts underline the importance of digital accessibility. Both experts and experiential experts are interviewed.

Listen and/or read the full episodes via

5. United in Accessibility

The last podcast from this list is aimed at professionals who work in the digitally accessible field. The International Association for Accessibility Professionals Produces the Podcast United in Accessibility to share experiences, solutions and thresholds from professionals from around the world.

The topics discussed in this podcast will be particularly interesting for listeners from the business world. You can find the episodes of this podcast in your favorite podcast app.

Screenshot of the podcast United in Accessibility

Vincent van Brakel

Vincent van Brakel researches the accessibility of websites and apps for Digitaal Toegankelijk. Vincent also writes about everything that has to do with digital accessibility and shares practical tips on