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A study was released by showed that more than three-quarters of the municipalities in the Netherlands do not yet have the accessibility of their websites in order. The shortcomings mainly have an effect on visitors with a visual impairment. This is not only a bad thing because of the large group of blind and visually impaired in the Netherlands. European and Dutch legislation in this area also plays a role. Websites and apps of >> Government agencies are obliged to meet the digital guidelines from September 23, 2020.

no capacity for digital accessibility

That three-quarters of the municipalities indicate that there is no surprise for some of the legislation. The precise requirements set by the EU are not easy to meet, certainly not for web managers who are not familiar with digital accessibility. The web guidelines of the WCAG provide guidance for developers while improving the accessibility of websites. 

Many municipalities and other (semi) government institutions simply do not have enough staff to meet these guidelines. The conversion of existing websites and apps naturally requires a fair amount of work. It is not surprising that half of the municipalities surveyed that have not yet met the guidelines indicate that it will probably not be done when the deadline starts.

Frequently made mistakes

Government websites are unfortunately not the only websites that do not meet the guidelines. Earlier it turned out that Dutch and European universities lag behind digital accessibility. For example, videos are not provided with subtitles, websites and documents are not readable with screen readers and there is still too little people with ADHD into account. [/VC_COLUMN_TEXT] [Divider Line_Type = “No Line” Custom_Height = “25”] [/VC_COLUMN] [/VC_Row] [VC_Row Type = “In_container” SCENEXTITION = “MIDDOW_POSITION =” Position = “Position =” Position = “Position =” Position = “Position =” Position = “Position =” Position = “Position =” Position = “Position =” Position = “Position =” Position = “Position =” Position = “Position =” Position = “Position =” Position = “Position =” Position = “Position = dark” text_align=”left” overlay_strength=”0.3″ shape_divider_position=”bottom” bg_image_animation=”none”]

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help with digital accessibility

for Municipalities and other government agencies it is good to know that not everything in the field of digital accessibility Installed, conceived or executed yourself. By sharing knowledge, for example, digital can help organizations to meet the guidelines on time. Below are any other ways with which organizations can get help to make a website or app accessible to everyone.

Scrum Card game: Thinking in limitations

This Scrum map set makes it possible to learn to think with a whole team as the target group. Developers, marketers and other creatives can move in people with different limitations with the help of this card game. In this way, the entire marketing or communication team is involved in making a digital product accessible. As a result, a one -off investment in the field of digital accessibility is not made, but the consciousness of the team on this subject is permanently increased. Read more about and order the card game

Have a digital product tested

To make sure that a website or app meets the needs of the target group, it is important to have them tested. Digital helps organizations to get in touch with valuable testers to realize inclusive digital products. The insights that result from these tests together result in applicable advice.

Advice and development

The advice that follows from this practical testing can be applied directly by our accessibility experts. In practice, there are often two options to ensure that digital projects meet the guidelines. Websites and apps are either rebuilt, or are adjusted so that they are accessible to every visitor.

Develop the target group

it is difficult for your team to apply the guidelines in practice and do you want advice to make your website or app digitally accessible? Then make an appointment with our accessibility experts. We are happy to help you with practical advice, inclusive development and test panels.

Also make your website or app accessible!

Vincent van Brakel

Vincent van Brakel researches the accessibility of websites and apps for Digitaal Toegankelijk. Vincent also writes about everything that has to do with digital accessibility and shares practical tips on